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All You Need for E-rate Documentation Compliancy in One Platform

ErateDocX— a secure, online E-rate documentation management system that has everything needed to store proposals, bid evaluations, contracts, proof of payments, asset registry information, and more. Be prepared for USAC reviews, audits, or for overall management of IT data. Have information more readily available for creating USAC and FCC appeals.


Online E-rate Record Retention System

Since the E-rate Modernization Order, the number of audits, reviews, funding and commitment adjustments have significantly increased and failure to locate the proper documentation could result in you having to pay back funding. ErateDocX™ is the secure retention system created to help Applicants efficiently organize and manage documents needed for E-rate program compliancy and for local administration.

Manage All of Your E-rate Documentation in One Place

Having documents in a state of disarray or on multiple systems and/or locations is a common problem for E-rate applicants. ErateDocX™ gives you a centralized location to securely retain your all of E-rate records by funding year, facilitating compliance with the FCC’s 10-year E-rate documentation policy.

Control Who Has Access to Your Data

With organization and personnel changes, locating information kept by multiple people in support of review questions or audit responses can be difficult if not impossible . ErateDocX can be used by multiple people in an organization where the administrator can control who can view, upload/download, or make changes to your E-rate documentation.

Ensure Your Documentation is Complete

ErateDocX has a user-friendly documentation reporting feature that details records stored by funding year! E-rate administrators can now more efficiently gather missing records from IT staff, vendors, and accounting staff.

Quickly Find Necessary Documents

ErateDocX’s filing system organizes your documents by funding year and category, enabling users to quickly find vendor selection data, contracts, CIPA compliance data, proof of payment, or anything else USAC might ask for. Data for filing USAC and FCC appeals can be easily accessed.

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