Secure Online Documentation Retention System


Managing E-rate documentation compliancy is an onerous task for many E-rate participants. Many applicants and service providers simply do not have time and staffing resources to dedicate to documentation retention, leaving them vulnerable in the event of an audit or review.

ErateDocX offers additional services to help organizations simplify their documentation management efforts and stay compliant with E-rate program rules.

Data Migration

ErateDocX can help your organization centralize their E-rate records management efforts with our data migration services. With the FCC’s 10-year documentation retention policy, many applicants and service providers have years and sometimes decades’ worth of documents in various locations with little time or personnel to dedicate to moving them into one centralized system. We will provide white glove service and upload all your organization’s records, including paper documents, from prior E-rate funding years to our secure document management system while properly tagging them to ensure they are easy to locate. Any paper documents will be returned to you by mail once the migration has been completed.

Documentation Compliance Review

Tracking what E-rate records you have stored and whether the documentation for a funding year is complete is a detail-oriented and time-consuming endeavor. ErateDocX provides documentation compliance review services to alleviate that burden for applicants and service providers. Our experienced team of E-rate expertswill review your documentation for the current as well as any prior funding years. Upon the review’s completion, you will receive a detailed report of all stored and missing documentation, so your team can locate and retain any documents needed to maintain compliancy.

With the E-rate program verifying compliance using random audits and reviews, making sure you are prepared at all times is critical. Let us help your organization manage and maintain its E-rate documentation compliancy with these services, so your team can focus on the tasks that matter most.

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