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Centralized Documentation Retention for the E-rate Program

The E-rate application process is long and oftentimes stressful with many applicants needing a vacation, or at the very least, to mysteriously disappear for a couple of days once it’s over! In all seriousness, gathering the necessary data to complete the process and then retaining that documentation can prove to be a herculean feat for even the most organized of institutions.

Many times, organizations rely on one person or a small team that already has numerous responsibilities to manage their E-rate process. This often leads to important documents being stored loosely across multiple locations with no organized way to find them which can cause big problems if the organization is ever selected for an audit or review.

Enter ErateDocX. Created specifically with the E-rate program in mind, ErateDocX is a cloud-based storage app that provides organizations with a secure, centralized location for their E-rate documents. Our team at EdTechnologyFunds developed the idea after helping clients successfully navigate the E-rate program for over 15 years and witnessing the anxiety they felt whenever an audit or review came up

ErateDocX makes it easy for E-rate applicants to comply with the FCC’s 10-year documentation retention policy with features such as:

  • Search and filtering tools that help users quickly locate documents by funding year and category.
  • Reporting tools that let users know exactly what documents are stored and what are missing.
  • Helpful information and guides that give users a clear understanding of what needs to be retained to stay in compliance.

With ErateDocX, applicants now have the ability to exercise more control over how they manage their funding process while minimizing a major source of frustration with E-rate program compliance. That will allow applicants to focus on other important duties such as starting their newly funded projects, preparing for the next funding year, or even, booking that vacation.

For any questions or feedback, you can reach us at support@eratedocx.com or via telephone at (888)676-1289

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